Oxygen Safe UL 1069 Call Cords


  • Oxygen Safe 
  • UL 1069 
  • ETL Listed 
  • Easy-Grip Smooth-Winged Pendant 
  • Quality Glossy Pendant 
  • Tactile “Click” Raised Button     
  • UL 94V-0 Grade 
  • Easy to Clean 
  • Waterproof 
  • Latex-Free 
  • High Reliability 
  • USA Made

Available Models:

  • Single Cords: ET-5000-8, ET-5000-10, and ET-5000-12
  • Double Cords: ET-5030-8, ET-5030-10, and ET-5030-12


ODM Design Engineering Service … FREE!

to liberate

Your Aspiration

CallCare is a dba owned by ETEMCO (Electronic Test Equipment Manufacturing Co. http://www.etemco.net/about/ ). CallCare has been a very successful supplier providing a full series of nurse call cords since mid 1970s. They enjoyed their leading position with the specialty serving the healthcare industry until early 2000, when one of their competitors introduced a brand new nurse call cord carrying UL 1069 certificate that can be safely used in oxygen enriched therapy rooms. Thus, their aspiration to own a new line of Oxygen Safe nurse call cords was growing stronger but was only left behind year by year. Finally, CallCare found our ODM Design engineering service in early 2004. They told us that they wanted to create a complete new line of UL 1069 Oxygen Safe nurse call cords that also carries Easy-Grip feature with streamlined appearance. Please refer to the picture #1 ~ #3 in the photo gallery. The first two pictures will show you the longing-for products (UL 1069 Oxygen Safe, Easy-Grip, Streamlined appearance) that Meshway created for CallCare in 2004.

The best of all, Meshway’s ODM Design Engineering Service is FREE to liberate customer’s aspiration! And, you can expect our engineering expertise covering the full services in electromechanical manufacturing, MCU embedded system, and Lithium-Ion battery packs (www.innovolta.com)

Let’s continue to explore the processes of Meshway’s ODM Design Engineering Service further. Please also refer to the picture #4 ~ #10 in the photo galleries. Those six pictures are self-explanatory and will show you the processes of Meshway’s ODM Design Engineering Service in detail. The #4 picture will show you the job boundary between the customer and Meshway. The task at customer’s side is easy and simple! CallCare only had to provide Meshway a conceptual pendant with a handmade putty showing their imagined features of “Easy-Grip” and “Streamlined appearance. Then, Meshway engineering team took every nitty-gritty details to help CallCare create their aspired products to their full satisfaction.      

CallCare presents both types of single cords (ET-5000-XX) and double cords (ET-5030-XX) to the market. The most popular plug style is 1/4″ audio plug, which is compatible with all nurse call stations that require a momentary call cord with a 1/4″ 2-conductor audio plug. The current cord lengths of each type are 8, 10, and 12 feet. Thus, CallCare is offering six popular models as ET-5000-8, ET-5000-10, ET-5000-12, ET-5030-8, ET-5030-10, and ET-5030-12 to the healthcare industrial market.

Depending on the market demands, the cord length can actually be available from 6 feet to 20 feet, and other plug styles can be as wide variety as 8-pin DIN plug, big 8-pin plug with polarity key in 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock, and RJ45 8-pin modular plug. 

Meshway is an OEM, OEM-improving, and ODM manufacturer and has the expertise to improve any OEM products to fullfill our customer’s goals of SUBSTANTIAL COST REDUCTION and BETTER PRODUCT RELIABILITY

To inquire these oxygen safe UL1069 call cords, please contact CallCare via 800-345-9414 x35 (Phone), 717-393-0646 (Fax), and www.callcareonline.com (website).