Oxygen Safe Red-Alert Call Cords


  • Oxygen Safe 
  • Dedicated to Patients with Limited Dexterity
  • Large Touch Plate with Ultra-Sensitive “Click” Response
  • Reliable and Versatile Nurse Call Actuation
  • Easy Operation by Foot, hand, Elbow, Chin, etc.
  • Multiple Positioning with Two Clips and Velcro Attachment
  • UL 94V-HB Grade 
  • Built-in Highly Reliable Micro Switch
  • Waterproof
  • Burgundy Color for Better Visibility  
  • Easy to Clean 
  • Latex-Free 
  • USA Made

Available Models:

  • ET-7386: 1/4″ Audio Plug, for popular nurse call stations
  • ET-7043: 8-pin DIN Plug, for Tektone nurse call stations
  • ET-7121: Big 8-pin Plug, for Ektacom nurse call stations
  • ET-7136: 8-pin DIN Plug, for Jeron nurse call stations
  • ET-7139: RJ45 8-pin Modular Plug, for Arial nurse call stations
  • ET-7224: 8-pin DIN Plug, for Rauland nurse call stations


This is a series of OEM-improving nurse-call cords that Meshway has been manufacturing for CallCare (a dba of ETEMCO) since the year of 2012. During the R&D phase in 2012, CallCare provided us a competitor’s EZ Call sample (refer to the photo gallery, which shows Meshway OEM-improving Processes), and we provided FREE ENGINEERING SUPPORT by improving the the switch mounting method and the four guiding post assembly method for ease of mass production. Granted by the NRE payment from CallCare, we tooled for a big family mold with multi-cavity mold (ABS) for each part to reduce the tooling charge and facilitate the mass production.  

The standard cord length of each model is 10 feet. The most popular plug style is 1/4″ audio plug, which is compatible with all nurse call stations that require a momentary call cord with a 1/4″ 2-conductor audio plug. Providing wide variety of plug styles and wiring , CallCare offers six models to satisfy the healthcare market needs. These six popular models are ET-7386 (1/4″ audio plug), ET-7043 (8-pin DIN Plug), ET-7121 (Big 8-pin Plug with polarity key in 3 o’clock), ET-7136 (8-pin DIN Plug), ET-7139 (RJ45 8-pin Modular Plug), and ET-7224 (8-pin DIN Plug).

Depending on the potential market demands, the cord length can actually be available from 6 feet to 20 feet. 

Meshway is an OEM, OEM-improving, and ODM manufacturer for cable assembly and has the expertise to improve any OEM cable to meet our customer’s goals of SUBSTANTIAL COST REDUCTION and BETTER PRODUCT RELIABILITY

To inquire these oxygen safe Red-Alert call cords, please contact CallCare via 800-345-9414 x35 (Phone), 717-393-0646 (Fax), and www.callcareonline.com (website).


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